Does it matter what time I eat?

“What time should I eat dinner?”

“How long between meals should I wait?” 

“Should I stop eating after 10pm??” 

Have you ever asked yourself one of these questions? Well luckily the answer is simple! No! It does not matter what time you eat. 

Timing your meals is all about preference. There are people who wake up and eat 5 minutes after they get out of bed and there are people who don’t eat until 5 hours after they wake up. There are people who eat their last meal at 4pm, and some at 12pm! The best way to decide when to eat your meals can be based on your schedule (and of course when you’re hungry). 

The reason that the timing doesn’t matter is because weather it’s 10am or 10pm, a calorie = a calorie. As long as your diet consists of whole, real, unprocessed foods, the only part that matters is your total calorie intake for the entire day.

TIP:  Try and give yourself a sufficient amount of time to be able to sit down and be conscious/aware of what you are eating. It’s a lot easier to eat crap when you’re on the go and rushing to grab whatever food is quickest and closest.


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August Schedule Changes

Starting Monday 7/29 this schedule will be in effect:


  • 5:00am CrossFit

  • 6:00am CrossFit

  • 7:00am CrossFit

  • 9:30am CrossFit

  • 10:30am Open Gym (closes at noon)

  • 4:30pm CrossFit

  • 5:30pm CrossFit

  • 6:45pm CrossFit

  • 8:00pm CrossFit


  • 5:00am CrossFit

  • 6:00am CrossFit

  • 7:00am CrossFit

  • 9:30am CrossFit

  • 10:30am Open Gym (closes at noon)

  • 4:30pm CrossFit

  • 5:30pm CrossFit


  • 8:00am CrossFit

  • 9:30am Kids

  • 10:15am Coaching Development (private)

  • 11:15am CrossFit


  • 9:00am

This schedule will be tested for the month of August and will be adjusted as needed based on attendance reporting and growth of our membership base. 

You no longer will need to reserve spots in classes. 

If you’re someone who prefers a smaller, more intimate group, please avoid the 9:30am and 5:30pm classes as those are our busiest class times. 

If anyone has any questions, please email  


Client, Member, or Athlete?

When you join CrossFit Commack, you have 3 options:

  • Identify as a client

  • Identify as a member

  • Identify as a athlete

The mindset you decide to call your standard will dictate the motivation, enjoyment and results you feel on a regular basis during your time at CFC.

When you identify as a client, you’re essentially trading money for service. You’re not interested in learning about movement, lifestyle nutrition or progression towards a better you. This is a black and white transaction with very little depth or emotional involvement. For this reason, the results will always be short lived.

When you identify as a member, you’re agreeing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You’re a member of a community. Being a part of the community means you show up regularly and prove to be consistent with your fellow classmates. The road ends with consistency and community. Although this standard will bring about friendships and social purpose, it will lead to very little physical and mental development.

When you identify as an athlete, you’re agreeing to be a student. You understand that fitness development is a journey and will involve both a physical and mental commitment. Physically you need to show up and constantly strive to improve. With your coaches guidance, you should strive to master the fundamental movements and constantly refine and develop the complexity that follows these basics. Mentally you should seek out answers to move better, eat better, recover better and live the athlete lifestyle. The best athletes are humble and eager to learn more for the sake of their development. Athletes are consistent regardless of how they feel, because it’s just what they do. Athletes look at food as fuel and sleep as a performance enhancer. The mindset of an athlete will lead to far greater standards and means of improvement than those of a client or member.

Change your standards and change your life.

Ask yourself where your mindset is at right now and why.


Athlete Performance Camps


In most cases young athletes figure things out when it’s too late and the opportunity has already passed by. This camp is focused on the process and the long-term trajectory that a young athlete will need to take in order to compete at the highest level.

Although these camps are only 1 week, the program director will share her experiences going from her youth and training to becoming a Division 1 athlete. She will share the drills, training and process necessary for these athlete to take what they learn in their time at these camps and continue to apply it.

Today our athletes are too focused on the micro-side of development — thinking one specific drill or technique is going to change them forever. Our focus is road mapping the long term for our attendees and giving them the truth of what it takes to play at the highest level.

In youth sports, the talented are highlighted and rewarded. The problem with this is that when our emphasis is on talent and not the hard work, it’s easy to become complacent. When a “talented” athlete graduates to a higher level of competition, everyone will be equally (if not more) talented than they are. Success at this level is no longer about talent, but the individual who has put in the years of hard work leading up to that point. Since natural “talent” is out of our control, we focus on teaching our athletes an appreciation for hard work and dedication to the process.

Doing this camp will help set your kids apart in today’s competitive environment. They’ll be learning drills and training techniques used by Division 1 athletes who have tested them personally.

It’s important to establish a strong foundation in general athleticism in order to better their skills at the sports they pursue. This program is not a sport-specific camp, it will develop speed, agility, strength, power and explosiveness.


This program is for athletes who are serious about pursuing varsity athletics and eventually collegiate sports.

Kids should expect to show up and work the entire hour. While we can have fun, this is a serious camp focused on development. Athletes will get out of it what they put in, so we’re looking for everyone to put in their best effort.

The kids will build their technical skills, footwork, agility, strength, power, explosiveness. 

Both boys and girls are welcome in this program and will be treated and trained equally.


CLICK HERE to purchase your 1-week membership!

The first 30 registrants will get the Founder’s Special Rate of $75 for a 1-week membership!

Upon purchase, a member of our team will reach out to reserve your spot for the specific dates your child will be attending!


Kelly Horan played competitive soccer since she 3 years old. She played Division 1 soccer for Winthrop University in South Carolina, where she was a captain of her team.

Here’s a quote from the program director speaking about putting together this program:

From my personal experience as an athlete, technical ability on the field is what has set me apart from my competition. With that, I hope to see the kids improve on there technical skills and see to it that they understand how important the small things are. I want them to be motivated and excited to work on the little things in order to see consistent growth through the years.


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Process > Everything


  • Your preparation

  • Your effort

  • Your attitude


  • Will be forever out of your control

This means that results are a byproduct of our process. Assess your process and identify if they align with your goals. If you’re not getting the results you want, reassess your priorities or restructure your process.



I would like to introduce one of my clients Allison.


She looks great right! And if you had to guess, how much weight do you think she lost? Looks like around 20lbs, right?

Well. I’ll tell you right now, its not.

Allison first came to me in August of 2018 with the typical weight loss goal. She even had a set number- a loss of 16 lbs total. It is now May of 2019, about 9 months later and surprise, we did not hit her goal number. We actually are still 10lbs over her goal weight! Now why the hell would we both be so happy with her progress and results?? Because the scale only tells us one small portion of the story. She may have only lost 6 lbs but there is so much more that has happened on her journey.

Here is Allisons story:

“So far I can say is that with Hangry Nutrition it’s not a quick fix and it’s not diet plan. When I first came into this I thought it would be the key to losing weight. I thought I was going to get the formula on what to eat and that would be it. This has been a process where I very much wanted to give up, multiple times. If it wasn’t for the monthly meetings and the weekly progress report, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. My goals in the beginning were to just be comfortable in my own skin and just make the right decisions when it comes to food every time.I can say as of today, I’m comfortable in my skin and 7 times out of ten I make the right decision. When I first started I thought some hard boiled eggs and a few granola bars was the healthy way to eat. Slowly I’ve learned you need more not less.

This whole process was more of a learning experience. I learned what I should be eating, what to cook and what to avoid. However, the thing I took away from it most was that at the end of the day we’re just human. My coaches told me that sometimes they mess up too when it comes to eating, they might have a bad weekend and eat a whole tub of ice cream. The difference is they don’t let it stop them and they fix it for next time. I think this stuck with me the most. I usually give up on myself but knowing that my coaches mess up too and no one is perfect helped me a lot.

Overall, I’m just really happy with the experience I’ve had. I really needed the support and accountability I got from Annalise. It allowed me to stay on track and keep the progress going. Even though the scale says I only lost 6 pounds, the pictures say a lot more and I couldn’t be any happier with myself.

I know I still have a ways to go but I know I can do it.”

Nutrition coaching is so much more than just losing weight. We want the end goal to be to create a healthy and happy lifestyle that works for you. I want to work with you to create good habits that will support your individual daily activity. That might mean feuling an athlete to perform and recover properly, teaching a mother of 3 how to cook and plan for her, her spouse, and her picky-eating kids, or it might mean a grandparent who just wants to make better choices and live a longer life.

The reason that I choose to look at nutrition as a long term, whole approach rather than a “30 day quick fix” is because anyone can go on a “diet” for a few months and see quick weight loss. A “30 day quick fix” elimination diet can be relatively easy… because it ends! That's what makes them so appealing. But what most people don’t know is that soon after you go on a diet like that you will gain that lost weight back, create a unhealthy relationship with food, and probably not be happy with what you suffered through for that month. A long term lifestyle change on the other hand might be a bit tougher, but it allows for us to have flexibility and not feel deprived. We get to create a healthy relationship with food and live our lives to the fullest.



We are offering our weekly Free Intro Class (Thursday 5/23) at 6:45pm. Members are welcome to take this class, but we wanted to warn you if you're planning on doing MURPH the following day. The workout is:


  • 6 Burpees

  • 12 DB Thrusters 

  • 200/150m Row 

We have 5 people RSVP'd for the class already, which means we have 2 rowers left and any remaining members who attend will substitute a 200m run each round. If you’re a CFC member who’s planning on coming tomorrow at 6:45pm, please RSVP HERE

We won't be allowing skill day at the 6:45 class, but we wanted to keep it open to all people who regularly attend that time. 

Our Memorial Day Weekend Schedule is as follows:


  • 5:00am CrossFit or Skill Day

  • 6:00am CrossFit or Skill Day

  • 9:30am CrossFit or Skill Day

  • 5:30pm CrossFit or Skill Day

  • 6:45pm Free Intro Class

  • 8:00pm CrossFit or Skill Day



  • 8:00am MURPH MAKE-UP

  • 9:30am Kids 

  • 10:15am Teens 

  • 11:00am CLASS CANCELLED 


  • Open Gym 10:30am-12:30pm



If you have any questions about our schedule changes, please fill out the form below:

Name *



The month of June was chosen for LGBT Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred at the end of June 1969. As a result, many pride events are held during this month to recognize the impact LGBT people have had in the world.

We will be celebrating with a PRIDE WOD on Saturday, June 22nd @ 8:00am.

We’re also getting some sweet shirts!



Q: What do I get if I win?

A: The winner will receive 

  • 1  FREE month of Nutrition Coaching with @hangry_eating

  • 10 FREE Muscle Up Paleo meals

  • 1 FREE Muscle Up Paleo T-shirt

Q: How does it work?

A: Once signed up, you will be prompted to download an app called Wodify Rise. This app will seamlessly track points for you (in one place). You will be able to quickly give yourself points based how you did that day. With a simple click of a button, points are automatically updated to a live leaderboard. This app also conveniently allows us to take pictures of meals!

Q: How will I be held accountable?

A: In addition to a private FB group for challenge participants only, we will use the Wodify Rise app! This app allows us to see our points updated daily. We will also be able to see our fellow participants scores for inspiration and accountability.

Q: What if I have questions during the challenge?

A: Participants will be able to submit questions directly to where answers and topics will be spoken about in a weekly FB Live. This will take place in our Private FB group weekly.

Q: What should I eat? 

A: Real Food…  Meat, fish, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts & Seeds, NO ADDED Sugar 

Q: What should my plate look like?

A: A Balance of Protein, Fats, Vegetables and/or Fruit

  • Palm size & Thickness serving of protein (3-6oz)

  • Thumb of fat (1-2 tablespoons)

  • Fill the rest of your plate with vegetables and/or fruit

Q: What if I’m hungry? 

A: If you’re still hungry it means you’re not eating enough plants (aka vegetables!) Plants are the most nutrient dense food. They are low in calories and sugar. They also contain a lot of fiber, which keeps you full between meals. 

Registration closes this Tuesday (4/30)

CLICK HERE to learn more about the challenge!

MURPH 2019


In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike's favorites and he'd named it "Body Armor". From here on it will be referred to as "Murph" in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

The ’MURPH’ is more than just a workout, it is a tradition that helps push us, humble us, and dedicate a bit of pain and sweat to honor a man who gave everything he had.


  • Friday 5/24 starting @ 5:30pm 

  • All Friday classes will be cancelled and we will only be doing this event


What if I can't make it?

  • We will be offering a make-up Murph on Saturday 5/25 @8:00am

  • RSVP HERE for make-up Murph

Memorial Day Weekend Schedule:

Friday (5/24)

  • No classes, MURPH heats start @ 5:30pm

Saturday (5/25)

  • MURPH Make-up @ 8:00am

  • Kids @ 9:30am

  • Teens @ 10:15am

  • Class Cancelled @ 11:00am

Sunday (5/26)

  • Class @ 9:00am

Memorial Day Monday (5/27)

  • Gym Closed  

How are we doing it @ CFC this year?

Cindy Style:

20 rounds 
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats 

Movement Modifications:

  • You may use a single band (orange, red, blue or green) for the pull-ups.

  • You may do ring rows with your feet to a plate. 

  • You may elevate your hands to a box for the push-ups. 

  • You may squat to a ball, elevated ball or box for the squats to keep your range of motion safe and consistent. 

Movement Substitutions:

  • Bike 3 miles instead of doing a 1 mile run 

  • Row 2,000m instead of doing a 1 mile run 

Workout Modifications:

  • You may cut all of the distance and reps in half.

    • 800m walk or run 

    • 50 Pull-ups, Banded Pull-ups or Ring Rows 

    • 100 Push-ups or Elevated Push-ups 

    • 150 Squats or Box Squats 

    • 800m walk or run 

What if I'm injured?

  • Email and we will come up with a personalized version of the workout for you so you may participate 

What if I'm scared?

  • Read Murph's story HERE for some perspective and realize that this isn't scary. 

  • This is just a workout. It's a very controlled and safe environment. 

How do I order my shirt?

We will not be doing custom CFC shirts this year for Murph. We want all of the money to go to the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation. For that reason, we encourage you to purchase a shirt and register through the Murph Challenge website.

It is NOT mandatory that you buy a shirt in order to participate. We just want to give our athletes the option to donate and register officially. 

CLICK HERE to register officially and purchase your shirt. 

If you are just going to do the event, we will be releasing heat registrations in the near future! 


Our programming over the next 7 weeks is going to be slightly specialized to make sure that your body (and mind) are prepared to handle this workout. By the time Murph is here, you should be fully prepared and aware of what modifications you're going to do for the workout.