Athlete Performance Camps


In most cases young athletes figure things out when it’s too late and the opportunity has already passed by. This camp is focused on the process and the long-term trajectory that a young athlete will need to take in order to compete at the highest level.

Although these camps are only 1 week, the program director will share her experiences going from her youth and training to becoming a Division 1 athlete. She will share the drills, training and process necessary for these athlete to take what they learn in their time at these camps and continue to apply it.

Today our athletes are too focused on the micro-side of development — thinking one specific drill or technique is going to change them forever. Our focus is road mapping the long term for our attendees and giving them the truth of what it takes to play at the highest level.

In youth sports, the talented are highlighted and rewarded. The problem with this is that when our emphasis is on talent and not the hard work, it’s easy to become complacent. When a “talented” athlete graduates to a higher level of competition, everyone will be equally (if not more) talented than they are. Success at this level is no longer about talent, but the individual who has put in the years of hard work leading up to that point. Since natural “talent” is out of our control, we focus on teaching our athletes an appreciation for hard work and dedication to the process.

Doing this camp will help set your kids apart in today’s competitive environment. They’ll be learning drills and training techniques used by Division 1 athletes who have tested them personally.

It’s important to establish a strong foundation in general athleticism in order to better their skills at the sports they pursue. This program is not a sport-specific camp, it will develop speed, agility, strength, power and explosiveness.


This program is for athletes who are serious about pursuing varsity athletics and eventually collegiate sports.

Kids should expect to show up and work the entire hour. While we can have fun, this is a serious camp focused on development. Athletes will get out of it what they put in, so we’re looking for everyone to put in their best effort.

The kids will build their technical skills, footwork, agility, strength, power, explosiveness. 

Both boys and girls are welcome in this program and will be treated and trained equally.


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Kelly Horan played competitive soccer since she 3 years old. She played Division 1 soccer for Winthrop University in South Carolina, where she was a captain of her team.

Here’s a quote from the program director speaking about putting together this program:

From my personal experience as an athlete, technical ability on the field is what has set me apart from my competition. With that, I hope to see the kids improve on there technical skills and see to it that they understand how important the small things are. I want them to be motivated and excited to work on the little things in order to see consistent growth through the years.