Client, Member, or Athlete?

When you join CrossFit Commack, you have 3 options:

  • Identify as a client

  • Identify as a member

  • Identify as a athlete

The mindset you decide to call your standard will dictate the motivation, enjoyment and results you feel on a regular basis during your time at CFC.

When you identify as a client, you’re essentially trading money for service. You’re not interested in learning about movement, lifestyle nutrition or progression towards a better you. This is a black and white transaction with very little depth or emotional involvement. For this reason, the results will always be short lived.

When you identify as a member, you’re agreeing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You’re a member of a community. Being a part of the community means you show up regularly and prove to be consistent with your fellow classmates. The road ends with consistency and community. Although this standard will bring about friendships and social purpose, it will lead to very little physical and mental development.

When you identify as an athlete, you’re agreeing to be a student. You understand that fitness development is a journey and will involve both a physical and mental commitment. Physically you need to show up and constantly strive to improve. With your coaches guidance, you should strive to master the fundamental movements and constantly refine and develop the complexity that follows these basics. Mentally you should seek out answers to move better, eat better, recover better and live the athlete lifestyle. The best athletes are humble and eager to learn more for the sake of their development. Athletes are consistent regardless of how they feel, because it’s just what they do. Athletes look at food as fuel and sleep as a performance enhancer. The mindset of an athlete will lead to far greater standards and means of improvement than those of a client or member.

Change your standards and change your life.

Ask yourself where your mindset is at right now and why.