I would like to introduce one of my clients Allison.


She looks great right! And if you had to guess, how much weight do you think she lost? Looks like around 20lbs, right?

Well. I’ll tell you right now, its not.

Allison first came to me in August of 2018 with the typical weight loss goal. She even had a set number- a loss of 16 lbs total. It is now May of 2019, about 9 months later and surprise, we did not hit her goal number. We actually are still 10lbs over her goal weight! Now why the hell would we both be so happy with her progress and results?? Because the scale only tells us one small portion of the story. She may have only lost 6 lbs but there is so much more that has happened on her journey.

Here is Allisons story:

“So far I can say is that with Hangry Nutrition it’s not a quick fix and it’s not diet plan. When I first came into this I thought it would be the key to losing weight. I thought I was going to get the formula on what to eat and that would be it. This has been a process where I very much wanted to give up, multiple times. If it wasn’t for the monthly meetings and the weekly progress report, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. My goals in the beginning were to just be comfortable in my own skin and just make the right decisions when it comes to food every time.I can say as of today, I’m comfortable in my skin and 7 times out of ten I make the right decision. When I first started I thought some hard boiled eggs and a few granola bars was the healthy way to eat. Slowly I’ve learned you need more not less.

This whole process was more of a learning experience. I learned what I should be eating, what to cook and what to avoid. However, the thing I took away from it most was that at the end of the day we’re just human. My coaches told me that sometimes they mess up too when it comes to eating, they might have a bad weekend and eat a whole tub of ice cream. The difference is they don’t let it stop them and they fix it for next time. I think this stuck with me the most. I usually give up on myself but knowing that my coaches mess up too and no one is perfect helped me a lot.

Overall, I’m just really happy with the experience I’ve had. I really needed the support and accountability I got from Annalise. It allowed me to stay on track and keep the progress going. Even though the scale says I only lost 6 pounds, the pictures say a lot more and I couldn’t be any happier with myself.

I know I still have a ways to go but I know I can do it.”

Nutrition coaching is so much more than just losing weight. We want the end goal to be to create a healthy and happy lifestyle that works for you. I want to work with you to create good habits that will support your individual daily activity. That might mean feuling an athlete to perform and recover properly, teaching a mother of 3 how to cook and plan for her, her spouse, and her picky-eating kids, or it might mean a grandparent who just wants to make better choices and live a longer life.

The reason that I choose to look at nutrition as a long term, whole approach rather than a “30 day quick fix” is because anyone can go on a “diet” for a few months and see quick weight loss. A “30 day quick fix” elimination diet can be relatively easy… because it ends! That's what makes them so appealing. But what most people don’t know is that soon after you go on a diet like that you will gain that lost weight back, create a unhealthy relationship with food, and probably not be happy with what you suffered through for that month. A long term lifestyle change on the other hand might be a bit tougher, but it allows for us to have flexibility and not feel deprived. We get to create a healthy relationship with food and live our lives to the fullest.