We will be implementing some changes for the month of June that will serve as a test. (Effective 6/3/19)


  • Mandatory Class Reservations 

  • 14 Athlete Cap on all classes Monday-Friday (you don’t need to RSVP on weekends) 

  • We’re adding a 7:00am CrossFit Class (Monday-Friday)

  • Open Gym 10:30am-12:30pm (Monday-Friday)


  • Coaching Quality: Our gym has rapidly grown over the last 6 months, and we want to deliver the highest level of service possible. We have very high standards in terms of our coaching. Our staff agreed that a maximum of 14 athletes in a class is the ideal size. Limiting the number of people in a class allows us to deliver a training experience that matches our standards. 

  • Class Preparation: With the growth of our gym, we have athletes of different ages, abilities and limitations. With Wodify reservations, your coach will be able to see who’s attending their class in advance. This will allow them to prepare modifications and substitutions to suit each individuals needs and goals.  

  • Community: When classes become too big it dilutes the vibe of a class. As a gym that prides itself delivering an intimate experience, we want to uphold that standard and continue to build the strength of our community. 

  • Programming: We will be able to plan our equipment and workout formats in a more organized fashion knowing we have a fixed amount of people coming to each class. We don’t want to water down our programming to compensate for classes that are too big for our space. 


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