Congratulations to everyone who CRUSHED the May Nutrition challenge! I am so extremely happy with the feedback and results I have heard and seen from you all. For those of you who don't know, the challenge consisted of three components: Food, Sweat, and Sleep.

For the food portion, we asked that participants ate only 3 meals a day. Each of those meals had to consist of only real foods (aka not processed foods!) and every plate had to have protein, fats, fruits and/or vegetables. And for accountability we asked that they took a picture of all 3 meals.

For the sweat portion there were two ways to earn points. You could take a CrossFit class or do your own workout at home.

Last but not least… sleep! Participants could earn points for sleeping more than 8 hours, 6-8 hours, or less than 6 hours. The more sleep, the more points!

I was curious to see how this challenge effected people individually. Below is a quick Q&A with the top 3 finishers!

Congrats to Steph (1st), Johana (2nd), and AnnKatherine (3rd)

What did you learn during this challenge? 

: "I learned two things - first, that good nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. You can make it complicated if you want to, but it can be as simple as just making sure your plate always has a protein, a healthy fat, and fruits and veggies. The second thing I learned was to be more outspoken about my nutrition and health goals with other people in my life. Once I told my family and friends what I was doing for the challenge, everyone was eager to help, whether that meant making sure I had healthy food to eat at a barbecue or watching the baby so I could go to the gym or for a run.”

Johana: "That I can control my love for chocolate and cake! Ask, that I can have three full meals and be ok!”

AK: "I don’t have to deprive myself. I can say yes to going out with friends while also making healthy choices. And when I decide to go out and indulge in a slice of pizza or some ice cream I don’t feel guilty anymore. I enjoy it and get right back on track the next morning."

How different is your "diet" now vs. before the challenge started?

: "My diet has changed completely. Before the challenge I was subsisting on baby carrots, cereal, and Halo Top. Now I eat real food, three times a day, with no snacks and no processed junk.”

Johana: "I always liked to eat healthy foods but I would eat too many carnes, fats or protein. For this challenge.. I keep my eye on the carbs, proteins and fats. Then I tried to add as much as vegetables and fruits I could find to make my plate colorful! To me that makes my food taste so much better!!"

AK: ''I have definitely incorporated more fruits and veggies into my diet. Prior to the challenge I snacked in between meals because I wasn’t full enough. Adding more fruits and veggies to each meal has helped me feel more satisfied."

Will you continue to implement any of these habits in your everyday life? 

: "I definitely intend to continue with basically all of the habits I developed during the challenge. The nutrition plan - 3 meals, no snacks, no processed food or added sugar - works well for me and helps me with having steady energy throughout the day instead of the ups and downs I was having when I was constantly snacking and eating lots of sugar and processed stuff. I also found working out almost every day (even if it was just taking a walk with the baby) helped with my energy levels, so I plan to keep that up as well. The sleeping portion of the challenge was always hit or miss for me because of the new baby, but as the baby sleeps better hopefully I will too!"

Johana: "Absolutely! I like to food prep as much as I can Sunday or

Monday, so then the rest of the week I just pull out containers of food mix things here and there maybe add a few things and ready to eat! It makes my life so much easier and makes me feel good putting clean and nutrition foods into my body!!"

AK: "Yes! I think the biggest takeaway is that I don’t have to eat perfect 100% of the time to see results. I’m more focused on a healthy balance. The challenge and Hangry eating have helped me change my relationship with food to a healthier one!”

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