Weekly Newsletter

Class Reservations

Don’t forget to reserve your spots in classes for the week! CLICK HERE for a tutorial video on how to reserve your spot in class. If you ever get waitlisted please text your coach right away and we’ll try and accomodate you!

Athlete Performance Camps


CLICK HERE for more information on these camps!

Pride WOD


Thank you to everyone that came out for the Pride WOD we did this Saturday! It was a great turnout =)

Weekly Programming

Our programming is going to be focused on a few things over the next few weeks:

  • Strict Pulling and Pressing Strength - Most of our athletes have the goal of getting a pull-up or being able to do big sets of pull-ups. Each week we are going to dedicate a day to work on strength, skill and capacity for upper body pulling and pressing gymnastics movements.

  • Front Squats - After 3 weeks of back squats we’re going to be working on Front Squats for the next 3 weeks. Start too light during week 1. We want to always prioritize position, movement and speed before concerning ourselves with the weight on the bar.

  • Shoulder Health - We’ll be adding a “for quality” workout to each week that will be focused on shoulder health. This will be done with dumbbells, bands and holds to work on imbalances and stability. Don’t skip this!

  • Ring Muscle Ups - After 4 weeks of drilling our bar muscle up skills we will be switching over to a focus on the rings. We’ll be doing skill transfer exercises, swinging on the rings and strict dips to work on developing this movement.

CLICK HERE to view this upcoming week’s programming!