Belkys Gonzalez

“CFC is a motivating and fun community. Being a part of CFC has made fitness a fun part of daily life when I used to dread it. It gave me a space away from lab and the classroom to destress and focus on different aspects of my life. My favorite part of the CFC gym is the camaraderie that allows you to compete with yourself and have others cheer you on when it gets tough.”


Lynn S

“I’m so glad I took the leap 3 years ago and decided to join Cfc because it has made me step out of my comfort zone and complete things I never thought I could do.  I still have ways to go in my journey but I have seen an improvement in my endurance and strength through the years. 

One of my favorite things about cfc is the encouragement from all the fellow members...I love to hear the cheers and see the high fives at the end of each class.  My fellow 5am-ers are so motivating and make it more enjoyable getting out of bed at 4:15 am. 

I love CFC because the Coaches are super supportive, attentive to your needs, and knowledgeable in how to safely modify movements, when needed.  I also love how every class is different- WODs are always changing.”


Pat S

“I have always been into fitness, but CFC has been able to take my fitness to the next level. I enjoy the competitive nature of CrossFit but also like how this gym makes me feel like a part of the CFC family at the same time. The coaches are always knowledgeable about the techniques and make the workouts fun and challenging enough to keep you motivated. Since committing to CFC a year ago, I have not only gotten into better shape but have also made new friends along the way.”


Bianca Kang

“After six years of putting myself last, with the help of CrossFit Commack, I am now making my health and fitness a priority. CrossFit Commack is a friendly community of athletes of all different levels who are supportive and encouraging. The coaches push me to do my best, but are still mindful of limitations like my current knee injury and they scale back my workouts accordingly. There’s no other place I’d rather spend my “me time”!  I simply love being part of such a wonderful community. At first, I felt intimidated and embarrassed after being out of the game for so long, but CrossFit Commack has given me the confidence to work toward a fit lifestyle. It makes me feel like I CAN do it, and also makes me want to! I’m here to stay!”


Jim V

“Just about a year ago I looked at the pic of me on the left and decided it was time to do something about my health. 

I spent the next 3 months concentrating on my diet and lost 25 pounds. Then I joined CFC in September after little to no activity for the last few years. 

After 9 months and 126 WODs, I completed a modified MURPH yesterday (2000m row, 100 TRX-band assisted pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats, 2000m row), something I couldn't have done last year.

I still have a lot of work to do before I can turn in my Dad Bod Squad card, but I feel great and in the best shape I've been in 15 years thanks to my awesome coaches

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“When I joined CFC in August 2017, I was asked what my goals were and one of them was to do a strict pull up. Even though I have a background of competitive swimming, I had never been able to do a pull up. Most of the time it is easy to play to our strengths, focus on what we know we are good at and shy away from the things that we don’t do well. But CFC forced me to work on my weaknesses by having me do pull ups at first with a black band and then working towards using bands with less resistance. After 10 months of regularly attending 5-6 classes a week at CFC, I did my first strict pull up. To some, doing a pull up might not be the most exciting accomplishment but I was pretty damn proud of myself. At that moment, I knew I was already stronger than I had ever been before.

I am now addicted to CrossFit because I am doing things that I never have been able to before and it leaves me wanting to do more. CFC constantly encourages me to try new things and to work towards doing new things. Do I want to be able to do the “sexy” movements like muscle ups? Of course I do. But do I have 10+ strict pull ups in a row? No I don’t but that is what I’m currently working towards. The coaching staff is always willing to help me work towards achieving my goals and the members are always there to celebrate with me when I accomplish them. Nothing feels better than hitting a lift or getting that first pull up and having a support system there celebrating with you. And that is why I love CFC; everyone is there to workout hard and to enjoy doing it together. CFC is a special type of community that continually pushes to physically excel, not just as individuals, but as a group.

Working out at CFC is an hour a day where nothing else matters. As a student dealing with anxiety and stress constantly, I automatically forget my stresses of the week when I walk into CFC. I mentally get ready to push myself and prove to myself that I can finish the WOD that I have so much doubt about. Yes, CrossFit pushes skill and strength, but it also pushes you mentally overall. CrossFit trains your mind and muscles to not stop until you're finished and you're not quitting until you're finished. From my very first class until now, I have learned and gained so much from CFC.

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Louis & Angela

I had been “CrossFitting” for a while at a gym I loved and unfortunately I had to move so I could no longer go there. I tried CrossFit someplace else, but I wasn’t happy with my experience. My fiancé Angela and I recently moved to Commack and joined CFC. I lost my enthusiasm for CrossFit but CFC brought it back. The coaches are great and the community is solid. I look forward to coming here everyday despite the cheering which makes me want to punch someone 😁" ..."I love CrossFit Commack because it’s helping me lead a healthy lifestyle and it’s constantly challenging me to push myself. Going to CrossFit helps me unwind after a stressful day, and it’s going to help me look great on my wedding day. I love the CFC community, and how the coaches have been so patient helping me. I never thought I would actually get into CrossFit when Louis asked me to join with him, but now I'm obsessed"

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“There are so many reasons WHY I love CrossFit Commack, I'm not sure where to begin! From the first day I walked in, I felt like I was home. From my very first class until now, I've learned and gained so much, more than anywhere I've been in my 7+ years of CrossFitting. Being a part of CFC has helped me through many ups and downs of my fitness journey ~ from passing my Level 1 Certification to seeing me through 2 surgeries, both times thinking I was done, that I wouldn't be able to get back to the benchmarks and fitness path that I once was on. And yet, here I am today, making a new fitness journey, improving slowly but constantly through the highs and lows (just like daily life) but still moving forward and a big part of this is because of the belief and encouragement from all my CFC friends-AKA Family. (An extra-special thank you goes out to Joey for always believing in me). CFC has helped me physically as well as nutritionally! When I joined Annalise's Nutrition Challenge I thought I ate healthy but, after completing this challenge I was on a much healthier path, feeling much and feeling much better working out because of it! My FAVORITE part of CFC is the fun I have with everyone here, from standing beside them in class to the cheap bantering and exchange of teasing each other to pushing thru a tough workout. And now as a coach, to see these same friends making progressions, helping them and encouraging them thru challenges is such a really Cool feeling!  Thank you CFC!”

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“I love CrossFit Commack because it pushes me to the limits in a fun way. I feel as though my quality of life has improved by making me healthier, sharper and faster so I can keep up with life and my little ones. I try to challenge myself and push myself and getting support and a team feel from everyone makes this great.”



I wanted to give a “CFC shout-out” on my 67th ( yikes! ) birthday. Everyone has their story how they ended up here I came down & signed up with Joe, the 1st week he opened (November 2016 ) on the insistence of my daughter, who had heard from a CrossFit friend that someone had just opened near our house. Rachel was doing CrossFit about 3 years & thought I would like it, I had absolutely no intention of going more than a month, had a very busy life already.

Within 2 weeks I thought this was such a great thing to add into my life, it wasn’t at the time about getting more fit. I was in “good shape” for someone my age, I just saw it as a great one hour break in the crazy daily treadmill of everyday life we’re all in, I found it so much fun to be a part of all this. There’s such a SYNERGY of everyone working out together & being part of a great group of people, of all ages & abilities in the CFC Fam, that you could never achieve on your own.

When I started here I could barely hang from the chin up bar for months, I hadn’t done this for over 25 years, I felt like my arms felt would fall off. I was running about 10:30/mile in a 5k, my running times were in a serious decline for a long time. Once I started here, my running times slowly started improving, I was amazed that by last spring I got my 5k time down to just under 8:30/mile. I have been a junkie doing these running, swimming, & triathlon races since college. CFC workouts pushed my running times, swimming endurance, strength, easily 10-15 years back in time. No complaints on that!”



“Coming up on my 2 year anniversary at Commack Cross I can’t believe how my life has changed. I knew I needed to make a big change in my life and on a whim, I saw the sign which is within walking distance to my office.  I met with Joey and it just fell into place and couldn’t be happier. The support I have gotten from the coaches and the community has been incredible. CrossFit Commack has given me the support to change my entire lifestyle including diet, fitness and stress relief.  I would have to say my favorite thing about the gym is the community and coaches. They all give me the motivation to work harder and accomplish things I never thought possible.”



“I was getting bored of just going to the gym and pushing weight around.  No goals, just habit.  I needed something more challenging and decided to try CrossFit.  It was total luck that I stumbled upon CFC when searching online.  I was intimated and frankly wasn’t sure I had the abilities.  However, once I scheduled my Foundations Sessions with Coach Mike, I felt much more at ease. He explained that all of the workouts are scaled to the individual’s ability. Mike is a great coach and motivator!  All the coaches are great, but I mostly work out during Mike’s classes.

The workouts are very challenging, but I love the whole body workout concept with the combined aerobic benefits. There has not been one class that has not kicked my ass, but I love it!  Stronger, better, faster at age 51 thanks to CFC!! 

I love the CFC family.  This includes all the CFC members and staff.  Supportive, and welcoming. I was intimidated about joining CrossFit.  I made the assumption that it would be a very “clicky” group and I was the new guy.  My original assumptions couldn’t have been more wrong.  Everyone there is great, and I’m glad I didn’t let my preconceived notions prevent me from trying CrossFit!  But not just any CrossFit, CrossFit Commack!”



“I joined Crossfit Commack as a way to get back in shape but got so much more out of it. We are given supportive coaches, an incredible community, and one badass place to workout. No matter your reasons for going there, you leave feeling accomplished (and totally exhausted…in the best possible way)!

Being apart of Crossfit Commack has impacted my life more than I thought possible. 

It has helped me become consistent and more accountable. During workouts, it had shown me when to push myself but also when to keep it simple and focus on form and accuracy.

My favorite this about the gym is without a doubt the support and camaraderie. You constantly have someone to push you to do better and cheer you on. You have a family backing you up.”



“Quality of life for me is when your mind and body are at their best so you can be your best with family and friends. CFC provides me a place to shut off the world for an hour, push my body physically, and releases all the mental stresses of the day. There’s no better place if you always want to feel your best!”



I walked into CFC 2 yrs ago on my 50th birthday and was looking for more than just a “gym”. What I found has greatly exceeded my expectations. The coaching and the programming are exceptional which transfers to the community it has created. You feel supported and motivated by both. Think of it as personal training with the added motivation provided by a great community – Don’t over think it – join



“I have been doing CrossFit for almost a year and after a move back to Long Island, I have been so incredibly grateful for this box.

The people treat you like family, the environment is encouraging, and usually, my class is the best part of my day. The coaches are attentive, the programming is solid, and the community is awesome. If you need a new Crossfit box…GO HERE. If you are thinking about trying CrossFit but are scared…overcome that fear and walk in the door. It has changed my life and it can change yours too.

The heaviest weight in the gym is the door! Walk in…you won’t regret it!”



“Great environment, great coaches. I joined 8 months ago and have always felt supported during the workouts. The coaches listen to you and make sure you are doing the movements correctly. There is great energy during workouts and everyone cheers you on. I have been to many gyms and never stuck with the routine. I highly recommend CFC!”



Phenomenal culture and coaches. There are a hundred options in the local area but having quality instruction is at the top of my priorities. Joey and Mike have genuine care and concern for each athlete. They consistently show impeccable attention to detail when scaling workouts for your personal needs and goals. As someone who studies and develops coaches for a living, this is the highest quality of coaching you’ll find anywhere, hands down.”



“CrossFit Commack is the best box on the island! Not only is it a place to challenge yourself, but you’ll also find friends and possibly your gym family. The coaches are very professional and are always seeking educational opportunities for advancement in their certifications. They provide safe instructional demonstrations during every class, mobility and stretching workshops, nutritional assistance to meet your goals, nutrition/fitness challenges, fundraisers and fun gym events for the members and their family. There is a high standard for work ethic, cleanliness for the facility/equipment and most importantly camaraderie!”



“Almost 6 months that I joined the CrossFit Commack family and I couldn’t be any happier, the sense of community, the dedication, and knowledge from the coaches, the daily workouts are amazing. Great place to be and grow as an athlete.”




Fitness, Community, and Fun all in one! The coaches are amazing and care deeply for the health and wellness of their members. Each coach meticulously works with each member at a given class to ensure they receive a maximized workout for their abilities at that time. Growth mindsets are huge here and you WILL NOT find a better CrossFit gym anywhere… better yet, you WILL NOT find a better GYM anywhere, PERIOD! Try CrossFit Commack. I guarantee you will be hooked after the first workout.”



“I have been a member for 6 months now, I can’t thank the coaches enough. As someone who hadn’t worked out for several years before joining, I was apprehensive to say the least. They took the time to learn my strengths and weaknesses and tailor each workout to make sure I am challenged within my limits. The community is the perfect combination of supportive and motivating. I look forward to working hard with these people every time I step foot in CFC!”



“CrossFit Commack has been fantastic. Every day I look forward to seeing the people and challenging myself to work as hard as I can and have fun!”



“I first joined CFC about a year ago. I was looking for a gym that had great team camaraderie, an environment that would push me beyond my limits and the personal coaching to learn each of the movements. Joining CrossFit was extremely outside my comfort zone at first but I knew if I wanted to make a major change in my health/fitness it would be worth it…and it was! The culture here is one of the best I’ve been apart of and I’m excited to come every day.”



“I’m a wife, mom of two boys, and computer teacher. I’d say my life is pretty full!  I first joined CFC because I had been looking for something to keep me motivated and active. A place just for me that I could look forward to. I noticed Michele Schutte checking in every morning at 5am…thought to myself she’s crazy, but soon enough I became a 5amer too!  Fast forward, I’ve been a member of CFC for 2.5 years and I wouldn’t change a thing!

One of my biggest accomplishments has nothing to do with mastering a skill or lifting a certain weight.  It’s simply the fact that I’ve been able to nail down something that I can commit to and truly enjoy in all aspects.



“I was working out in a gym with my trifecta team Lori & Tim when we felt we were no longer being challenged. It was a great start up gym but needed more of a challenge.  Lori found CrossFit Commack, but I was nervous.  I did not know if I could keep up, but as I started coming to classes  I got used to the routine and the people are absolutely the best.

I really like the community nutrition challenges and learned how to eat better which helped me to lose some weight which I loved.

Working with the weights was (and still is) a challenge for me, and I m still trying to work on the cleans, snatches, and jerks.

Coming to the gym has lead me to run the spartan sprint, super, and beast to complete my trifecta with my trifecta team. 

I never thought at my age I could complete all the runs and obstacle course races that I have completed.

I thank all at CFC Commack for the motivation when Im finishing the workout and cheering for me to finish up and keeping me going.”

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“My experience at CFC has been nothing short of amazing.  From the moment I walked through the door for my first class I was greeted by all of the 5am’ers. I totally felt the family vibe that sets CFC a part from other places I’ve been.  The Coaches are always helpful, knowledgeable, rad and always rooting for us to do our best. The Athletes are incredible!!! I feel honored and inspired to be able to workout with such hardworking group of people.

I enjoy starting my day at CFC and rarely have to give it a second thought 😉.”



I’ve been with CFC for almost 3 years and to be honest, joining the gym was the best thing I’ve ever done. CFC had helped me in so many ways. I think everyone knows that I’m by myself in the country so I made friends for life, and if I need anything they will be there for me. Going to the gym everyday helps me to combating anxiety and depression as well.

Recently I got my first rope climb and I got very excited. I am so thankful for this place, the coaches are awesome and the vibe at the gym is amazing. CFC really feels like home for me. There’s no bad days at CFC unless it’s ring dips, lol. When I have a bad day and I go to the gym in the evening, it feels like I didn’t have a bad day. I love the feeling when I am there. Plus it was at CFC that I met the love of my life!💕.”



I was leaving my old crossfit gym for good when I started to follow CFC on Instagram. I decided to stop by and check it out and it was the best decision I have ever made. The community and coaches are amazing and made me feel welcome. I felt home.

I love the way everyone support each other. No ego. No competition. Only friends pushing each others to achieve their goals!

My favorite memory so far was doing Murph for the first time. It was awesome to see all the athletes  workout together and support each other.”



“I came to crossfit originally looking for something different. I spent some time in my early 20s competing in the powerlifting arena in New England and when I moved to LI in my late 20s found myself struggling to find the right gym experience. Throughout my 30s I have spent time in different gyms but found myself really uncommitted to any specific end game.  Just going the through the mainstream workout motions. Now that I am in my 40s I have realized that my ability to keep up with my kids and maintain a high energy level is very impacted by my overall fitness (flexibility, conditioning, weight management, etc).  So I began looking for something where I could  get a  a high quality workout in a short time frame, hit all the necessary areas (flexibility, conditioning, strength, etc)  but not take up half my day.  I had heard about CFC from BK and figured I would check it out. I am glad I did.  It has checked all the boxes for me.”

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“I followed CFC on Instagram for months before I decided to stop in for an intro session and from my first meeting with Joey I was hooked! So much so that I got my best friend to join too! The community and coaches are amazing and make it with worth every sweaty minute. I’ve only been taking classes now for about 2 months but I love every second of it!”

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“I have been a member of CFC before it was even called CFC.  Back in the BeastFit days a class would have 3, sometimes 4 of us; including Coach Joey.  Over the past three years I’ve seen many changes such as switching names, locations, new equipment, bigger classes and lots of new members. But the constants that drew me into loving BeastFit back then still remain there today with CFC. And those are the level of support, knowledge and encouragement that comes from the coaching staff & fellow athletes.  This can be most recognized with my recent injury.  About 4 weeks ago I ruptured my Achilles Tendon and from the moment I went down I have felt nothing but love and support from my wonderful CFC peeps. Within seconds of me getting hurt my fellow classmates literally gave the shirt off their back (thanks James ;), had me splinted up (thanks Jared, Lynn & Marie) & ready for my first ambulance ride; all while taking pics (bc who doesn’t want their first ride documented, thanks Bonnie) and noting my time for the WOD (because my peeps truly get me and know I needed to log on Wodify).  In the weeks since I continue to receive the same support, consistently having my fellow CFC peeps and coaches checking up on me. THIS is what CFC is about. This community of people can not be duplicated.

For those who know me, know that I LOVE deadlifts, I love flipping the tire, I am competitive and I love the pain cave in WODs.  So when I first got injured I cried not just because it hurt (like hell) but because I felt like I was  going to miss out on all this.  Well, I am now coming up on 3 weeks post-op with this injury and if it’s one thing I learned is that CrossFit can be modified for all when you have knowledgeable & caring coaches who take the time to learn how to make movements effective while helping me recover safely.  

6 days after surgery I returned to group classes and I haven’t looked back.  Each WOD is tailored to me so I am able to sweat along with my friends.  I even hit a new PR for my bench press!!!  I am a big believer in the saying “things happen for a reason”.  A goal of mine before I was injured was to have strict pull-ups so the way I see it, I have no excuses not to hit this goal now.”



“I’ve always been into fitness and have enjoyed all different types of group classes in the past, but I had goals that I just wasn’t hitting and needed to make a change. I decided to try my first CFC class in April 2017, very unsure what I was getting myself into. I remember walking in the first day, being greeted by the regular 930 crew who welcomed me, asked my name and introduced themselves to me, which in itself was different. Coach Joey instructed the group very clearly through each movement and I felt very comfortable that I could handle the workout, although I had no clue what a clean was and had to quickly brush up on my CrossFit vocabulary. I totally got my butt kicked but was so proud of myself for not giving up, not to mention how great the high fives were at the end of the workout. After a week I was hooked. It was a very humbling experience to realize how not exactly in shape I thought I was and how you should not compare yourself to others. It just made me want to work that much harder.

Over the last year I have set goals that were achievable like rope climbs and strict pushups. And some that I’m working towards, like double unders and that damn pull up, getting close! I totally believe if you don’t have something to improve and work towards, fitness will become redundant and that’s where you lose interest. Not the case at CFC. I always set a goal for the day to push myself and accomplish. I’m especially proud of pushing myself during “hero” workouts because of the meaning behind them. My favorite memory so far was doing Murph this year, a hero workout that has such great meaning. And as a whole gym to work out together, cheering one another on, and completing it was just awesome.

A few of my favorite accomplishments are adding weight to my overhead squats and snatches and hitting my deadlift PR at 175. I love a good heavy lifting day! But I also have a sense of accomplishment because my daughters have both joined CFC Kids and have built up their own strength and confidence. What I love most about CFC is that it’s a community of different people, all ages, different abilities, all working towards their own goals. Everyone is genuinely happy for one another’s achievements. It’s fun, hard work and I never thought I could do nearly half of what I can do. With the encouragement of our coaches, I feel confident to push myself out of my comfort zone. It’s really easy to want to come every day.”



”I joined CFC in April this year after moving to the United States in January. One of the first things I looked up when I got here was an opportunity to start CrossFit. Well, it took me a few months and scrolling through CFC’s website several times before I finally convinced myself that it’s now or never. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

The CFC community is this great combination of kind, welcoming, dedicated and hardworking coaches and members that made it so easy for me to fall in love with doing CrossFit. I love the nervousness that creeps up when the music gets turned up and the 10 second countdown starts. I love how people cheer each other on. I love the high fives and fist bumps after finishing a workout. I love the fact that I hate burpees and the frickin’ airbike.

Most of all, I love that I realized that baby steps are still better than no steps at all and I learnt to be more patient with myself. From being able to do a ring hold without using my toes as support to adding a little bit more weight when lifting and not having to scale down an entire workout – all tiny accomplishments that keep me going. As for what goals I’m currently chasing, I’m still working on that one push-up! 🙂 ”



“Even though I’ve been around athletics most my life, it took me a while to warm up to the idea of CrossFit.  I played collegiate tennis and have continued to play and keep in shape over the years.  In the past year I started incorporating HIIT and some CrossFit-style workouts into my regimen.  I also started running and ran a half marathon in May.  Looking for another challenge, I turned to CrossFit.  Other than seeing WOD’s posted online (and not knowing what half the movements were) and talking to a colleague who’s a CrossFitter, I was in the dark about what to expect from CrossFit.

Other people have said this, but I think it’s one of the biggest truths about CrossFit that I’ve come to learn – it’s all about the coaches.  From the moment I started my intro with Mikey and then group classes with Joey, Annalise, and James, I felt confident that CFC has the right people to guide me and help me develop athletically.  Even though I came in with a solid fitness baseline, Joey was sure to make me modify workouts to learn proper form and get comfortable with movements. (Note, I’ve also learned how humbling CrossFit is when you think you’re in good shape starting out).  It’s important to want to push yourself each day, but it’s equally important to have intelligent coaches help you pace yourself and progress the right way.

Joey asked what my favorite moments have been so far. For me, it’s the moments during most workouts when I’m pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.  That feeling of “damn this is really hard, but I just gotta keep moving and do this” is addictive.  I also love the 5 am class – there are some dedicated and energetic people who get up early to work out each day.  I also enjoy knowing that before most people even wake up that I’ve put in some really hard work.

Since I started in May, the accomplishment I’m most proud of is getting overhead squats (even if it was just the training bar). I would have never dreamed how hard it would be to just progress off of the PVC. In terms of goals, I just want to keep trusting the process and putting in consistent and hard work.  It’s a great feeling training here and being part of the CFC fam.  Can’t wait until my little 20 month old girl can start with the kids classes!”



“I’ve always been active with sports but with work, family and bad eating habits it was an unhealthy routine I knew I had to break. Since joining CrossFit Commack, the program has turned a lot of these bad habits around. The coaches are always emphasizing it’s not how much you can lift but building a solid foundation to keep improving upon.

I really enjoy the energy of the group classes and pushing yourself everyday with the people and coaches around you. The constant reminders to focus on fitness and nutrition were instrumental these past 4 months.

I’ve lost close to 10 lbs, lowered my blood pressure and have a resting heart rate of 59 bpm. The results I’m seeing are why I’m here and keep coming back.”



It doesn’t matter what your limitations are or what your fitness level. There’s a modification for everything. The most important thing to know is the coaches here are so attentive and so supportive.”



“I started at CFC because I wanted my son who was 13 at the time, to learn how to workout and lift the correct way. I did some research and found CFC online and read the reviews. I went in and had one conversation with Joey and knew this was the place and this was the guy I was looking for to help my son. Then after a year of watching my son and listening to him talk about how much he loved the place, and some pushing from my wife, I decided to join myself. I did need something to get myself back in shape. I had belonged to pretty much every gym around Commack. My key chain looked like I was a world class athlete, but some how after a month at all of those places, I would find myself not motivated at all. So I let Joey know I wanted to join and he set me up with Coach Mikey for the foundation classes. After 4 of those I was ready.

I’ve played sports all my life, I played college baseball, I’ve ran the NYC half marathon and completed the Hood to Coast 200-mile team marathon but walking into a CrossFit gym for your first class is one of the most intimidating things I had ever done, especially with your 13-year-old son standing next to you. I had to do a “suitcase carry”, sounded easy and yet I struggled with that, but I did make it through the first class. One thing that keeps me going to the 5AM class, and the one thing that gets you through the intimidation factor are the coaches and the people. I saw first hand how the other people in the gym cheer you on and get you through the workouts. I saw how they treated my son and made him feel like he belonged there. The entire vibe in the gym is like nothing else, it just has a great feel.  The coaches get you to do things that you never thought you could. I think about that conversation with Joey and the thing about it was TRUST.

Trust – he’ll do the right thing,

Trust yourself and that you can push yourself.

Trust the other people that belong to this, and are crazy enough to get up and get to a 5AM class in the middle of February.

I have 3 kids, 11-year-old boy, 12-year-old girl and a 14-year old boy. The changes that I have noticed is how much better my clothes fit, how I can go horseback riding with my daughter and not feel beat up for a week. I can keep up with my sons. My softball playing has improved because my flexibility is so much better and I have more energy.

And most importantly – I don’t see a time where I don’t want to be a part of this place.”